Fitness Professional since 2001: personal trainer, yoga instructor, strength coach, and avid acroyoga enthusiast. Born in NYC, but now traveling as @HomelessYogi.

We all walk different paths. The human body is how we walk, run, duck, climb, and shuffle through life. He teaches people how to move efficiently and effectively: the gym, home, outdoors, everywhere.

Jeremy has a diverse skill set and prefers to be a jack of all trades. He strongly believes in the human bodies adaptability, and is constantly surprised by our physical and mental capabilities.

You can find Jeremy busking regularly on the streets of New York City.  Or you might see him at a festival or workshop with his partner, Micki Mooney.  He also created as a way to help muggles learn about the magic of acro.

Fitness Professional, Acro Revolution Teacher, Studio Owner


6 Spice St #11, Boston, 02129


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