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H2H Warmup

WARMING UP INLOCATE to H2H . Drill (1) Tosses BASES focus on smooth timing at the bottom and follow through to create that “pop” at the apex of the movement. FLYERS focus jumping at a consistent tempo and finding that “pop” from the base. SPOTTERS stand slightly behind on either side of base, and it’s always nice to soften the landing. . Drill (2) Pike Up & Overs BASES focus on maintaining same tempo as toss drill, and aiming above the head (not in front of eyes). FLYERS focus on a solid hand connection from the beginning of the movement and using the “pop” from the base to create height to pike up and over the base. If the hands have a solid connection the ride down can also be smooth, if there is no weight in the hands the down happens fast. SPOTTERS stand slightly behind the base and to the side, be prepared to cover both in front and behind base. Always nice to soften the landing, again. . IMO the first drill focuses on developing timing and power of the base. The second drill focuses on flyers using that timing and power to create “float” within the movement. These qualities being relevant to developing consistent H2H inlocates. . #AcroStrong #AcroRevolution#PitchCatchCircus #AcroWarrior#AcroWorkout #TravelingTeacher

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