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F2H Asym Entry

This is an asymetrical entry to foot2hand from the ground . PREREQS: Accurate Self Assessment!#PlaySmart Walking into 2High with one hand. Stepping into F2H from 2high without it being wild & crazy. SPOTTERS, stand behind the flyer as they walk up, covering behind the base, and watching the hand/foot switch - being ready to stop the fall if it goes bad. DO THE GROUND DRILL BEFORE STANDING, if it's sketchy low, it's not gonna be that much better standing. I would ask that you use TWO spotters if you're going to keep trying! BASES, start with a slow tempo, and look over your shoulder for the incoming foot. If you start with a sh*tty grip, it's not going to get better. So please find a comfortable grip before continuing to the 2nd foot. As the flyer steps onto the supported foot, bases will need to lift the h2h grip to allow the flyer to keep the chest up. Once the flyer releases the base hand, this is when the base should grip the floating foot. Finishing with a short hold, will add a little stability training as well as learning the entry. FLYERS, please take your time during this entry. Rushing means the base will have limited time to find the proper grip for your foot. If you want your base to hold you with confidence - please give them enough time to find a good grip. Once the base offers you the support you are looking for, step up through your leg (as opposed to pushing yourself up through your arm), it should feel like a mono F2H for a moment. Then the base will grip your floating foot, and you can find yourself flying on two feet instead of one.

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