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Icarian Throne to Bed

POP PROGRESSIONS: THRONE to BACKBOARD with a full twist. . SPOTTERS, stand behind the base, and always on the side the flyers head will be traveling toward. When in doubt, save the head! . 1) Throne timer 2) Throne to reverse Throne, base uses hands. 3) Throne to Backboard. 4) Backboard full twist to Backboard 5) Throne to Frontboard. Similar to step (3) but the flyer adds a half twist. 6) Full Skill: Throne to Backboard with a full twist. . PreReqs are steps 1 to 5. I would highly suggest practicing (3) and (4) and getting soft catches/landings before moving on to (5) or (6). . Seriosuly, hard landings equal bruised ribs. . #AcroStrong #AcroRevolution#PitchCatchCircus #AcroWarrior#AcroWorkout

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